Letter from Carsten - August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011
The week Elder Winward yells things in Spanish in his sleep

Dear Parents,

I've decided that this is my new way of filling you all in on my life on the mission. I now write my emails in the nice computer labs instead of the stingy laundry room, and its quiet in here so i can actually think of what i have to say. So every Friday expect one of these. Ill try my best to send letters too, but i got a few letters still backed up lol. The day just isn't long enough i tell you!

But anyway, life as a missionary is still pretty great. I'm loving the  MTC, the foods still pretty good and my district is so fun. Were now into playing croquet, so we all go out to the field at gym time and play croquet together. Its pretty crazy i know. I'm getting to know a lot of these guys really well, and its fun. We all get along perfectly, and we work well in class together too. There is always a bunch of amazing spiritual insights to be shared. We have a good time. And my companions are doing well too, i  love em. Apparently my companion Elder Winward yells things in Spanish in his sleep, and its pretty hilarious.

I think I've finally gotten used to the schedule now, and things seem pretty normal day to day. class is as good as ever, and we learn a lot. We were promised that if we were to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish out loud every day for a year straight, we would be able to call someone on the phone and make them think we were a native speaker with how fluently we spoke, so in one year ill be able to speak like a native :D! Its pretty exciting. And we've already learned the equivalent of 2 years of high school Spanish in 2 weeks, its fantastic. So the language is doing really well, and iv started to actually enjoy speaking only Spanish.

Other than that things are same as always :) just taking it a day at a time. With the MTC time warp (where weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks) we get a lot done and are able to learn a lot at the same time. And yesterday we went to Training Resource Center, where we taught someone a lesson who was a member, and had been speaking Spanish most of their life. So we talked with her (in Spanish) and taught her a lesson, and it went soo well! She wrote on the feedback slip good things about us and said that we definitely brought the spirit. I know i could feel it, it was really something.

I just cant wait to get out to California already! I love it here but it cant come soon enough.

So yeah, i think that's it! I will write again in a week :) love you all!
Elder Ellsworth

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