Letter from Carsten - August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011
The week of the AMAZING fireside

Hola mi familia, como están?

Life here in the MTC is goin well :) Were FINALLY starting to learn how to do past tense, and just learned how to do future tense. That will be really nice when telling stories, its been pretty tough having to tell all of our stories in the present tense. But i love the language, its really fun. I cant wait till we are more fluent, as soon as we can we will be speaking all Spanish all day long. Our current goal is to only speak Spanish at lunch and during gym, so we will increase it more and more each week or so. Soon it'll be full immersion. I cant wait.

So last night was like the most beautiful night ever, we went out and played district softball, but there were tons of clouds in the sky and rain all around us and a double rainbow, and the sunset was amazing, it was a pretty night. We definitely had a great time.

Then the other day we had this amazing fireside, it was soooo good! He hadn't originally been scheduled to speak that day, but felt prompted to speak that day instead, so he called the MTC and they said our speaker for today had to cancel so it would be perfect if you spoke a week early. So he prepared a talk, and then once he got there to speak to us he felt impressed to share something else, so instead he told us a bunch of cool stories about missionaries and why you shouldn't do stupid things, and he was just a super funny guy. You couldn't help but pay attention to every word of his talk. He said that someone in the audience must have really needed to hear his stories on why you shouldn't do stupid things on your mission. It was pretty dang cool.

And iv realized how much i love the book of mormon! I "read" it when i was a kid, just cause i had to. But now i have this awesome scripture marking system and i learn so much from it all, its nice being able to actually comprehend the book, so I'm gonna read all of that as well as all of preach my gospel before I'm out of the MTC. I'm pretty excited about it :D

Today was p-day, so we spent the day writing letters and studying and relaxing, which was amazing. But we got dressed up and took the best picture ever! So you know the first presidency picture? the one with President Monson sitting and Uchtdorf and Eyering are standing behind him? We replicated that picture, ties and all, and it looks pretty awesome i wont lie :) Its on my other memory card, ill get it to you. I'm Presedent Eyering haha. Some people made fun of us in the halls while we were doing it, but it was totally worth it.

Unfortunately, college is starting back up and Saturday will be the last day our teachers, Hermano Davis and Hermana Nelson get to teach us before they go to college, so we have to have new. I'm sure our next teachers will be pretty cool too.

Thanks for the care packages from you guys, and all the letters :D keep em comin!!! Tell everyone i love to get letters. Well, off to the temple now, until next week :) love ya!
Elder Ellsworth

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