Birthday Letter to Gabby...

Today is Gabby's 16th Birthday!
Here is my letter to her - it's the best I can do for now!
(although I'm pretty sure Mom has a present from me too - right Mom?)

September 21, 2011

Dear Gabrielle,

Hopefully you waited to read this till the 21st, though I'm pretty sure you'll open it early! But hey, no one can really resist a letter from me right? Ha ha ha!

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Be sure to fill me in on your first date and how "awkward" the guy is - especially that part!

And go get your license.

Enjoy this birthday, cause this is the ONLY exciting BIRTHDAY YOU'LL have!


17, you can see R rated movies alone - but who cares, your not supposed to anyway! Resist the urge to see "Paranormal Activity" - really though, if you do watch it, it has to be at night and it's best
if your alone!

18 doesn't really matter either. You can sign for yourself and buy dry ICE - whoohoo!

And 21 is no biggie, cause you shouldn't drink anyway!

SO really, this is the best birthday your gonna get so ENJOY IT!

Love ya SIS,

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