Letter from Carsten - September 16, 2011

September 16, 2011
The week I'm fluent in Spanish

Hello family!

Well, The MTC still hasn't changed, still the same exact schedule every single week. But we love it. I'm MTC fluent in Spanish (which means if a native were to talk to me i would look ridiculous, but here in the MTC i look like I'm fluent!) So that's cool! Just workin on grammar and what not, and soon im gonna focus on talking faster and using more Spanish every day! But the language is sooooo cool! I love it.

(learning to pronuciate our Spanish - ha ha ha)

Classes are awesome too, the other day we had a substitute teacher teach us, and it ended up being one of the best lessons iv been taught here so far. We practiced how to approach doors, and how to teach the gospel more simply and quickly. He did a demonstration and taught us in Spanish in 1 minute and 30 seconds the entire 3rd lesson about Jesus' earthly ministry! And we understood every single word. So we are working on leaving out all the crazy details and really getting to the basic doctrine when we speak.

Its so cool being able to teach our teachers as "progressive investigators" they pretend to be someone from their mission and we have to teach them as if they were a real investigator! Its basically the best learning tool ever. So we struggle through it here, and hopefully wont be horrible when we get to the field! But we will see how that goes lol! I've heard lots of horror stories that the people that speak Spanish in the real world talk so fast it doesn't even sound like the same language. Not that I'm nervous about that at all.....But that's okay, i know that the Lord will provide a way. Even if i have no idea how to talk, I'm still gonna try and get to know every person i see. Its not gonna be easy, but that's what i gotta do.

(hug of encouragemnt from my teacher - Brother Davis)
My district has been kinda sick. Elder Bradford got knee surgery Monday and i got to go with to the clinic! I saw the outside world for the first time! I saw a Wendy's, college kids, an Inn and Out  Burger, a hospital, a porche, a mall and all these things that i totally forgot existed it was cool! And the driver had this thing called a cell phone, and i was like what the heck is that thing?? I don't even know anymore iv been so cut off lol. So me and my companion had some good laughs about that :)

Elder Maxwell and I still get along well, we often finish each others sentences cause were basically always on the same brainwave. Its pretty cool, especially on teaching people.

So awesome story of the week, we had another Apostle come and speak in another devotional this week!!! M. Russel Ballard spoke to us Tuesday, and it was so stinkin awesome! lots of good notes. It was cool seeing the difference between his talk and the talk we had by Elder Holland the other week, they are very different speakers. But it was a really cool experience!

Anyway, my time is out, so ill say what i need really quick and then get outta here :) I need contacts, i don't have anymore. Just need em sometime before end of the month please :) and i also need lots and lots of family and friend pictures reallllly bad! my district wants too see what people in my life look like! So yeah :)

love you all, until next week!
Love, Elder Ellsworth!

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