Letter from Carsten - September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011
The week I saw Jefferey R Holland

Dear Parents,
Hi there family! Hows life? Whats new with the business mom? Do we know what was wrong with the jeep yet dad? I appreciate the letters i keep getting from you guys, please continue to send them :)

Nothing much to report here at the MTC, except for the fact that, oh yeah, I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS AN APOSTLE! MMMMMMMhmm...
On Tuesday we had the usual devotional like every Tuesday, but this time it seemed a little off. There hadn't been an apostle speaking in a few months, and they wouldn't show on the big screen while we were waiting to begin who the speaker was, like they usually did.

And then one of the men who always sits on the front stand got up and told us some stuff, and then that it was expected that when an apostle or prophet enters the room, we stand. And obviously by now were like... this is gonna be the best devotional ever, who's it gonna be!

Just then Elder Jeffery R. Holland walked out and sat down on the stand! Then he gave one of the best talks I've ever heard in my entire life. It was so powerful and helpful and directed perfectly for the missionaries. He is one of my favorite speakers!

He talked on alot of things, I wouldn't really be able to tell you everything, but I took 4 pages of notes on it haha, that's how intensely good it was. Everything he said you just had to write down, and he was really funny too. Definitely my favorite part of the MTC so far, it was an amazing experience. So that was really cool.

Other than that life is still the same...lots of hard work and study every day from 7 am to 10:30 pm, and i love it. I'm slowly progressing with the language, and its super fun. Its very hard, but i realized that i couldn't complain. I found a Cambodian dictionary and wanted to cry it was so intense, so now I'm very grateful for Spanish. And then this guy spoke Cambodian to me and my companion, it was a humbling experience. (Justin Delong if your reading this....your gonna do great with Cambodian!)

Anyway, Its been really fun. I absolutely love my district, were all super close and hang out in each others rooms together on p-days like today and at night. And we do fun stuff together at gym like sand volleyball and softball, so fun.

Oh and another awesome thing, I'm basically half way through the Book of Mormon, and I've only been reading it for 4 weeks! And the best part is i actually comprehend it now! its so cool, i used to think it was the most boring book ever, turns out its super entertaining and helpful for lots of life challenges. Who knew right? So I'm loving that!

And we teach investigators every day, its really just our teachers pretending to be investigators, but its cool. We teach them as if they really were investigators, and we learn how to teach them all the lessons, in Spanish of course. its extremely helpful. I've learned not to stress about the words or the lesson and plan, but teach with the holy ghost.
(Carsten teaching Brother Bananna...Ha Ha Ha)

The best lesson we had we were teaching Pablo, our investigator, and we ended up teaching something completely different from what we had had planned, and it was my favorite lesson. They teach us here to teach people, not lessons. and its extremely true. Our current investigators are Adin and Pablo, and they are both pretty cool. They have different problems so we get to learn how to teach different types of people.                                                                                       

Oh, and something funny from my companion, apparently his mom reads my blog and finds out stuff about Elder Maxwell, like pictures and stories i write, which is really funny. So if your reading this, Hi sister Maxwell! oh and your son says hello as well!

Well, that's all i can think of for now. Until next week...
I love you all!
Elder Ellsworth
(sure enough...there's Elder Maxwell on the right!)
PS:  Mom and Gabrielle, can i please borrow that label maker Gabrielle has?! I want to label everything around me with it in Spanish to help me learn! Ill give it back in 2 years! If i can, please sent it in a care package asap... love ya!

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