Letter from Carsten - September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011
The week I got my travel plans to CALIFORNIA

Hola mi familia!
How are things? anything new in Mesa and Queen Creek? Thank you for the continued letters and packages, its super awesome being able to get lots of mail. Unfortunately i don't have much time, so this will have to stay kind of short, but ill do my best.
First of all we had our 3rd Apostle come and speak at another devotional!!! So now we've had Elder Holland, Elder Ballard, and Elder Nelson! Its been so cool, were super lucky. I figure we just need all the extra help or something lol.
So it turns out that Elder Maxwell and I are Zone Leaders now! Pretty cool huh???! Were the oldest district now, and we were called to be Zone leaders! Its pretty awesome :) there are a ton of responsibilities, but its really fun and i like being able to serve my zone. So that's really cool, and then also yesterday and Wednesday we got to help the new district that just came inn we gave them a tour and taught them how things work here in the MTC and it was really cool! And here's the crazy part....we were being filmed! the MTC president wanted a training video for new branch presidents, and we were selected so i hope we did well. they filmed the whole thing it was crazy!!! so that was pretty cool.
Oh and one other thing before i go, we got travel plans! i leave on October 5th to California! pretty awesome :) so yeah that's all i got time for!!! i love you allll!
Oh and I have a somewhat strange request :) i would like you if you have time (both sets of parents if you want) go to the DI and buy some more ties! cause i don't have too many, and more importantly i want more for the tie trade! We trade ties here like all the time its super fun. So even if they aren't that great, i might be able to trade em! hahaha :) So buy DI ties and send em to me if you can.
Love you!
Elder Ellsworth


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