Letter from Carsten - September 29, 2011

September 29, 2011
The week I'm leaving the MTC

I'm almost done with the MTC!

Well, its true. I am super close to getting outta here and heading out to California! only 6 days left! I'm pretty stinking excited. so yeah that's pretty awesome. 
Something less awesome, we don't get a P-day because of general conference, so we have to figure out when were gonna pack and do all that preparing for the field thing. but esta bien! things have been working out fine so I'm not too worried about it, we will get done whatever needs to get done.
In other news, my throat hurts. so i just saw a doctor, and he basically told me to take benadryl and suck it up, which i expected. i know, super exciting ;) tis the life of a missionary haha.
So, i don't have much more time, so this is just to say that I'll email you again for real, but next time it will be in the field! :D hurray! so wish me luck :) love you all, ill let you know if anything extra exciting happens!
Elder Ellsworth

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