Letter from Carsten - September 9, 2011

September 9, 2011
The week we all have colds
Dear Family,
Well I'm sorry that this letter has to be a little shorter than usual, I don't have much time today. Every computer lab in the entire building was completely full today, so there isn't as much time to write. You know how i love crowds...ha ha

But that's okay, cause today was an awesome P-Day! i still didn't do everything i wanted to, (you never do - its not long enough) but i got plenty done. i wrote 6 letters today and worked out and shaved and ate and just relaxed, which was reallllly needed.

(yes - I'm still totally goofy, even in the MTC you can't shake that outta me)
The last couple of days me and my roommates have been kinda sick with colds, which was really making life difficult there for a little bit. But then we realized that it was just cause we were sleeping really badly cause its an icebox in our room at night, so we put cardboard in the air conditioner  -probably not the best idea, but its extremely effective. We all slept super good and are full of energy today, I can breath through my nose again, life is just great ha ha. Gotta love breathing! But yeah, now its perfect in there and we will get a lot more sleep now, which will improve just about everything in our lives. I'm pretty happy about it.

Other than that class is still super good! our new teachers are great, and the language is coming along really well. I'm still working on past tense and a bunch of stuff, but I'm starting to sound semi intelligent when i can talk, and i can say certain things pretty fast and with the right pronunciation and everything! I cant wait to talk to people in Spanish when i get out in the field and home! So the learning is going by really fast.

(new MTC haircut)
I cannot believe that iv been here for over 5 weeks! Does that even make sense? I feel like I've been here for  a week, while at the same time I feel like I've been here for like at least 4 months. Its the MTC time warp, its totally real. Time is warped here. Does it feel like its gone by fast or slow for you guys? I mean, I'm sure your world completely stopped when i left and things just aren't the same, but whats it like there now? Ha ha! just kidding, I'm sure life still goes on, even with out me there!

I absolutely love my district. there's 8 of us and we all get along so well. And now there are 3 districts younger than us so we are 2nd to oldest! which is super weird! But really cool :)

Oh yeah, I hope I remember to write everything i need now. Here's my attempt. Pam could you somehow mail me the base thing for my razor? the big difficult thing with the liquid on the bottom, it might be a pain but it would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, I would like to request - darn it I totally forgot. I'll work on writing it down so I don't forget, theres other things I need I just cant remember lol. Oh well!

( Brother Davis - my instructor)
Oh and mom thanks for the pictures of your new business stuff, it all looks pretty dang sweet. Keep it up!

Alright, sorry its short but times up!
I love you all! bye!
Elder Ellsworth

PS: tell Gabrielle i got her letter but not till today so i didn't have time to reply to it, so ill have to reply next week. But i did send her a letter recently that should hold her over lol.

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