Letter from Carsten - October 10, 2011

Elder Carsten Ellsworth
7057 Haskell Ave Apt. 222
Van Nuys, CA 91406

October 10, 2011
The week I arrived in Van Nuys CALIFORNIA

Guess who is in California! I am! Its amazing here. I love missionary life. Wayyyy better than the MTC!

We get fed by members amazing Mexican food, and get to teach tons of people in
Spanish. The Spanish part is kind of terrifying, but if i ever get in
a bind my companion comes and saves the day, hes an awesome teacher.
His name is Elder Troy, and hes been here a little under a year.

We have a car, so we don't bike around places, which is good and bad. Good
because a car is suuuuuper helpful and convenient, and bad because i
don't want to get fat. And if your in a car, you don't get recognized as
missionaries as easily. But that's okay, ill get to use my awesome new
bike eventually I'm sure.

Teaching people is so much fun! We always have lots of appointments,
and its really scary, but its so exciting. I hate it when m companion
turns to me and says okay your turn, or when hes like okay you get to
knock this door.

But the more i do it the faster i will be, so its really a blessing in disguise. I'm sure i
will grow with my Spanish soon. I'm able to basically communicate well
enough. although the other day we taught this really intelligent guy named Berto,
and it was just sooooo over my head! he was wayyyy smart and i kept up as well as i
could hahaha. We didn't teach what we had prepared for him, so i was
like oh my goodness now what i don't know the words for this lesson
well enough yet! but that's okay, cause as usual, Elder Troy came to the

Anyways, my time is almost up, but in short i love it here and
Cali is amazing! I look forward to more mail from everyone too :) Mom,
ill send my new address to you in an email, but ill write you a real
letter in a little when i get home. Oh and i would like Mackenzies
mailing address so i can write her, i have a story for her. :)

Anyways, love you all! Bye!
Elder Ellsworth

Last teacher in the MTC - Time to go to Calfornia to serve my MISSION!

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