Letter from Carsten - October 17, 2011

Elder Carsten Ellsworth
7057 Haskell Ave Apt. 222
Van Nuys, CA 91406
October 17, 2011
The week that time goes slow then BAM it's another week!
Hola mi familia!
Hows life? Every body still sick of the heat of Arizona? I'm sure all is well in the desert.

How's the mission you ask? Well its fantastic! Time is so weird here, it goes really slow each day, and then all of a sudden its the next week. Which is nice, we get a lot done that way and it doesn't drag on, i guess 2 years really wont be that hard at all.

I'm still enjoying my time here a ton, and iv made lots of friends. The missionaries around here are great, we just played a bunch of basketball and stuff in the gym.
And the members are awesome too! I had my first real church meeting (my first one we just had a stake conference) So i got to meet more of the members which is great. And i am really good friends with a couple of the families, cause they feed us regularly. Gooood food too.
And we have met so may awesome investigators and potential investigators! Were finding tons of people all the time. Its not the easiest thing knocking doors, but every now and then we find some really prepared people.
Yesterday we were walking after having been shut down again (happens a lot) and this guy asked us a trick question about faith as we walked buy him, and Elder Troy answered it perfectly with an analogy and everything, so that got his attention well. and we stood there and talked to him for an hour about the first lesson, and then went and sat in front of his house with some water for another 45 minutes. He was this super intelligent catholic guy and the best part was he basically taught us about the apostasy and lack of authority and all that stuff, so he really understood a lot, and then we taught him about the restoration, and he seemed interested, so we gave him a BoM and a commitment, hes super awesome!

And theres this old lady named Rosa that we are teaching that is about to get baptized! Shes super great. My 4th day her we taught her and i didn't understand a single word she said she talked too fast for me, but we taught her the other day and i understood all of it this time! So that was really awesome, I'm getting better at understanding Spanish, no i just need to learn how to speak intelligently and be able to respond faster and i will be alright! but there is definitely a lot more improvement when your immersed which native speakers, i have no choice but to learn really fast ha ha ha.
So things are awesome. We've had a lot of great experience this week, i wish i could just call you and tell you every single one, but that's okay. The start of our week was really hard, we taught almost no one because every appointment bailed and no one would let us in and it was a little discouraging, but then Thursday to Sunday have been great, we found a lot of fantastic people and taught some really awesome lessons, i love it.
The work isn't easy, and I'm still terrified before i teach or knock, but it always works out and i am having a blast. And even though i haven't received a single letter this week from anyone (they are probably at the mission office), it was still a great week.  Anyways, i love you and i cant wait to hear back from you all.
Elder Ellsworth

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