Letter from Carsten - October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011
The week we were stopppd by cops

Hello family!

Hows life? Same old same old I'm sure. Thanks for all the  letters I've been getting and your emails too.

Things are going well in  California. We have had some amazing days and some pretty downer days.
But we don't let the loser days get us down! Ya just gotta keep at it,  and not give up.

We had some fun experiences this week tho, one of  which was we were getting our backpacks out of our trunk to go to an  appointment, and these two cops in a cop car pulled up right next to  us, stopping traffic behind them, and started talking to us. One of  them was a member, and had family in Mesa last name of Larson! (mom) they were cool. They first pulled up and said "hey, you guys
 got a permit to be doin what your doin" trying to intimidate us or  something. But we were like well, yeah actually we do! cause we have a  little card that proves that we are representatives of the church and  have the duty of preaching and proselyting and its all legal and  stuff, so we busted em out and showed him, it was cool. He was a  member tho so he was just messin around :)

We met plenty of cool  people too. Especially Hugo and Rosa, they both made it to church with
us this Sunday which was amazing! Hugo is temporarily blind, but we  taught him twice this week and hes super great. He wants to learn  more, and Rosa is like 76 and is getting baptised November 6th :) shes  super great too.

We found this amazing lady named Erika, who's  husband died 5 months ago, and shes having some trouble. But shes  soooo interested in the gospel, shes super golden. We taught her a  little of the first lesson and answered some questions, but the sad  thing is we wont get to keep teaching her, shes not in our area so we  had to give her to other guys in our district, sad day.

We saw Pedro for a few minutes, the supppper  intelligent catholic guy, and he actually read some in the BoM! Which  is rare lol. So he is progressing, and he had a tomato plant, so he  picked some and handed to us so we would eat them, and i HATE  tomatoes, but i sucked it up and ate the whole thing right in front of  him so he wouldn't think i was just some picky white kid. It was  disgusting. But i did it! HAHA.

On Sunday we gave 2 people  blessings, my first time. i didn't even know what to say in English, so  i failed pretty bad on my part. but ill practice.

We are working with a lot of really incredible people and I'm having a good  time. I cant wait for Wednesday, we have a bunch of awesome  appointments set up then!

Well, I'm not sure what else there is, so ill just say that i love you  and i miss ya! But I'm glad to be here serving the lord and the city of  Van Nuys :)

 Love ya all!
 Elder Ellsworth

(picture from the MTC with one of our Spanish teachers Amanda Nelsen)

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