Letter from Carsten - October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011 - AKA HALLOWEEN
The week my Spanish gets better

Hello family!

Well, its Halloween, which just means that tonight people are too busy trick or treating to feed us or listen to us, so we don't have anything planned today. Basically we have the whole day to ourselves. Which is kinda nice. I got plenty of stuff to clean at the apartment. And later today a bunch of us missionaries are getting together in Halloween costumes and playing kickball somewhere, so that will be fun hahaha.

As for me, life is going great - Elder Troy and I are having a plant growing war, and i am dominating him. we bought seeds at a store last week for some flowers, and put them with some dirt in plastic water bottles we cut up, so were professional gardeners now. But mine are totally dominating! i have a bunch of big huge sprouts of my flower, and his is all tiny! but, they are different types so i guess you cant judge. but were gonna have one of our member family friends judge which plant is better in the end. I know, were pretty cool like that.

But planting flowers isn't all we do as missionaries! believe it or not we actually work a lot too. The last couple of days have been awesome (except yesterday, which was a little tougher) but we don't go knocking anymore. we just go finding. Almost without fail, every time we went knocking to find people to teach, the first door we knocked on let us in right away and we taught them awesome first lessons and got return appointments and all that jazz! so that's WAY awesome.

We found tons of people this week to teach. And we found this awesome guy named Steve who was the only white guy in the neighborhood, and he ended up being super interested. he quit smoking 7 days ago and is working on quitting alcohol, so we gave him a picture of Jesus to hang up to help him overcome his addictions, and he even said the closing prayer for us, he was awesome. 

We keep finding the BEST investigators, and they are either not in our area or speak English, and we take care of the Spanish speaking, but that's okay cause we have lots of pretty solid investigators so far. things are going well there.

And my Spanish is greatly improving, now I'm really working on understanding what people say to me perfectly cause if i can do that i can reply faster and not look stupid cause i have no idea what they just said. but some people here are REALLLLLY hard to understand. i don't think i would understand most of them if they were speaking English either. So that's a struggle, but ill get better at it. I'm getting a lot better at expressing better what i have to say tho, and that's really fun. so life's good, Spanish is good, the people are good, I'm resisting the temptation to be lazy, and its awesome!

Well, that's all i got, i love you all have a good week :)
Elder Ellsworth

(Carsten with his companion Elder Maxwell from the MTC) 

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