Letter from Carsten - November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011
The week of Rocky


Well happy belated thanksgiving y'all! 'Ill just answer every ones many Thanksgiving questions here, since they are all the same. It was a great day! We couldn't go out proselyting, which was good and bad, but we had lots of fun. In the morning we had a big breakfast with our zone at the district leaders apartment and this really awesome guy named Rocky. It was legit! i made super awesome pancakes and we had bacon and other assorted delicious food items. And then we played hardcore scrabble
with Rocky.

And let me just devote a whole paragraph to describing Rocky. He is my  district leaders investigator, but hes basically like the missionaries best friend. Hes huge, like super jacked and strong. And one of the nicest guys and most charismatic people i know. He was dangggg funny. He has some legal stuff to fix before he can be baptised, but he has expressed lots of interest in the church and says he wants to be Mormon someday. And he thinks the missionaries are all really awesome. He told me that i would be a really funny cop too, so i guess when i get home I'm growing out my mustache and training to be a cop. Rocky said so. Hes pretty dang awesome tho, and deserved an entire paragraph.

So that was a good start, then we had a lunch with a sister from he ward, who brought her non member son, so we taught them a lot and hopefully can teach them more. And then we had dinner with this family named the Coleman's. They are from Peru, and estan loco! Its pretty awesome. We had lots of good food and fun. It sucked a little bit looking at my watch and knowing that all the Ellsworth's were at my house right now. But that's okay, i had a good day.

As far as missionary work goes, it was a rough week. We always have lot of super fixed appointments, and 90% of them always fall through, as well as all of our mega backups. So that's a bit of a bummer but, theres nothin you can do but keep workin your tail end off! So that's what we do. Work. And we enjoy doing it. Except knocking - i still hate knocking doors. But we find lots of really prepared people that way, so we probably wont stop any time soon. But that's okay cause this week will be fantastic! we have a lot of people we are right on the edge of setting baptismal dates with, so no worries.There aren't really any investigators that are more notable than the rest right now, so it sufficeth me to say that all are doing well. Ill update when theres more exciting news.

And today was awesome, all the missionaries got together and we played some soccor, which i actually enjoy! I aint bad fer a gringo! Its pretty awesome, my favorite part is stealing the ball from people and weaving around people, mostly cause everyone expects me to suck, but for some reason i can usually get it around them LOL. So that's wayyy fun!It's nice having good guys to be super active with.

Anyways, i have a timer ticking at me, were at the library today, so i gotta go! Keep writing me lots of letters everyone! its better that way cause then i actually have time to really reply. Okay, love you all, have a good week!

Elder Ellsworth

Still waiting for more pictures from Carsten - in the mean time, here's a picture of Carsten with Bella on the day she joined our family!
November 2009

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