Letter from Carsten - November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011
The week I drove the car
Well, lots has happened this week, and i cant remember any of it. LOL. Hopefully it will start to come back as i write this.

Well, the first thing was that i started driving the car! so pray for some extra safety for me lol. I hate driving. Cause i hate other drivers. So i guess this is just a way the Lord is using to teach me more patience. it isn't effective yet. But that's okay.

Our car is pretty nice too, so that's fun. I only go 0-60 in 5 seconds every OTHER day ;) just kidding I'm responsible. Elder Troy probably hates my driving cause I'm suuuuuper careful.
This week we found a really nice lady named Dores who was super open to us, and is a great investigator, and we hope that things will keep working out with her! but her house is suuuuuper infested with bugs, which is disgusting, but it made for a LOT of fun laughs during that lesson. We're trying to get her to move in with our other investigator, who is trying to get someone to move into a room in her big apartment, so that would be awesome.

We could teach Alba, her son Darwin, and Dores all at the same time! triple baptism BAM. We've had lots of other fun stuff like that happen, and this Tuesday we have a breakfast appointment with our other awesome investigator Irene. Shes cooking some stuff and I'm making pancakes, and then were gonna teach her about Jesus.More specifically his gospel. But that will be way fun! I'm excited.
Not much else. Hugo is still blind and progressing. Our golden investigator Rosa is still in New York and didn't get baptized yesterday as planned (darn it New York) so yeah. pretty normal mission life lol.

I'm happy and healthy :) and now that this mail address mishap is figured out maybe ill start actually getting letters! its been pretty bleak lol. we will see!

That's about all i can think of for this week :) I'm still working on pictures! but its tougher that the MTC, here your actually busy and real people see you 24/7 so i cant look like a tourist!
Okay i love you all! have a good week :)
Elder Ellsworth
Carsten and his companion are having a plant growing contest

Carsten says he's in the lead - what do you think?

Stay tuned!

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