Letter from Carsten - November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011
The week I was named 'John'
Well, I was 'Dear Johned' this past week. Tis the life of a missionary indeed LOL.  Its a rough thing to deal with, but i believe that all things happen for a reason. I'm doing fine thanks to the scriptures and lots of prayer, so no need to worry about it. Life will go on.

Other news, I'm sorry i didn't write an email last week! I waited too long then got rushed outta here and didn't have the chance to write it.

Highlights were that I was prompted from El Espiritu Santo (the spirit) to turn around after being almost home at the end of the night, and found a really awesome guy named Rafael! and he basically invited himself to church, so it was pretty dang awesome.

Another day we were knocking, and there were lots of people that didn't speak Spanish and super hated on us, so we got outta there.

We were about to the car, when a lady called after us. She had chased us down, and wanted us to give her dying mother a blessing, which we did. We set up a time to meet with the daughter for tomorrow! so that might be a really good lesson. The mom was Mormon once and wanted a blessing from the elders, and we happened to be there so she chased us down! pretty cool if ya ask me. And the best story, we were driving and i got a prompting to knock a building, but ignored it. And then decided i ought to follow, so i crazy u-turned around and we knocked one door, and during the middle of this door approach another lady wanted to talk to us so Elder Troy went and talked to her while i finished talking to the lady at the door (in spanish, by myself, without Elder Troy to back me up :D! I'm getting better at Spanish -  its great) Well this other lady, turns out she was baptized 14 years ago and went inactive. She has 3 kids ages 8, 11, and 13. She's concerned for them and the bad influences around them. so she prayed for help and we showed up! Well we taught them Wednesday, and they were super awesome kids. So were gonna talk about that more and teach the plan of salvation on Wednesday. Best thing ever. And turns out Elder Troy had the same prompting to knock that building, but he just didn't say anything out loud. That was the best story.

We also met a nice old man that doesn't want to be told that for 70 years hes been in the wrong religion, so didn't let us in. but we did get to know him, and turns out he taught over in Boston (where Troy studied) and at NAU! so he thought that was cool. Then we met another guy(these were both not Latino English speakers) who was suuuuuper nice, but was convinced that Jesus was not crucified, and that the bible is mega corrupt and all these conspiracies, so he was fun to talk to as well haha. Idk there has been lots of good stuff. Lots off struggles having people be there for our appointments tho.

I'm gonna go to the Surplus store today for fun, and to have man time to further overcoming being Dear John'd - it will be sweet!

So that's about all i got for now! hope it makes up for the lack of mail last week! love you guys, have a good week.

Elder John - oops, I mean Elder Ellsworth

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE! My companion and I have several dinner plans on Thursday, so we'll be nice and full the entire day!

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