Letter from Carsten - December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011
The week of Christmas
It's ALMOST Christmas!
Well, before i forget mentioning it, we get to go to the temple tomorrow! YAY! So I'm super excited. We don't get back till like 4, its gonna be nice. It will be a good little half day field trip.
And so far our Christmas plans are, dinner with the Hernandez family! We have dinner with them every Sunday night ha ha. but this time its Christmas, and we are gonna bring our investigator Rafael with us.
Christmas morning we have church, and then probably just hanging out with a few other missionaries and making phone calls home! it'll be real good. Ill try and take pictures - promise mom!
This week has been a good one for sure. Its been REALLLLLY slow the last couple of weeks, so the weeks were dragging on. But this week flew by, which means we were busy - pretty great.
We have this couple were teaching named Gabby and Francisco, who are reallllly nice. I'm super excited to teach them, Gabby was talking about how she just doesn't have faith anymore and doesn't know where to start to regain it, and we were like, "oh don't worry were good at that, its what we do". So were gonna teach them Tuesday. They are both are very receptive and like to talk. They always seem like they feel a giant whole in their lives. Like they aren't really happy. Which is where the gospel comes in, so I'm excited about helping them.
Were also teaching Rafael and Manual a lot, they live in the same apartment. Rafael is disabled and has is working on an alcohol problem, but is always positive minded. He is struggling lately cause he sits around at home all day alone, so temptation comes strong. But i think he will be okay. And Manuel is very nice. His work hasn't called him in a few weeks so hes working on making ends meet, its sad. and his mother died Saturday. But he has expressed interest in us and wants help, and he came to church with his little daughter Blanca, so i hope good things happen.
So i love you all and i wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Con Amor,
Elder Ellsworth

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