Letter from Carsten - December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011
The week my companion Elder Ely is sick
La Vida,
Well, this weeks been a  roller coaster, and really fast and slow all at the same time. The highlight was definitely Wednesday, we had a zone conference with lots of other missionaries, and then worked from 4 till the end of the night.
Yeah, guess who got 5 baptismal dates set in that small window of time? WE DID! yeahhh! it was a suuuuper awesome day. Sadly tho, 3 have already fell through. The Rey's kids who want to be baptized had to ask their dad for permission, and he is super catholic and said no. Were praying for miracles.
I don't really remember much else, it's been such a long week. I didn't get to go to church cause Elder Ely was suuuper sick, so i stayed with him while Elder Troy took Elder Suarez to church so they could take care of all our investigators there. It was fine, i read the book, Our Heritage, watched church videos, and then read the P90X manual and now want P90X haha. It was funny.
Anyways, not much else to report, we have a ridiculously high failure rate lately for finding people when they say they will be home. Maybe its just the season! Either way, no worries. Nothing we can do but work our butts off!
Anyways, sorry that wasn't the best email, but it's all i gots!
Have a great week i love you all!
Elder Ellsworth

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