Letter from Carsten - January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012
The week of the new companion - Elder Marsal from Brazil
Dear Family,

Well, its been a stinking crazy couple of weeks! First of all, sorry i didn't write last Monday, we literally ran out of time because of transfers. and yesterday all the computer places were closed. So we are here today getting emails done finally. so much to do.

First of all, i have a new companion! his name is Elder Marsal. He's from Brazil, and lives in Utah, and is totally awsome and hilarious! He's re ally smart, a good teacher, and we get along great, its amazing. Right away we clicked and so were good friends. From the beginning we have taught smoothly together, its nice. He is very knowledgeable on the bible, and i am with the Book of Mormon so we make a good team. He is extremely good at soccer, and does lots of cool stuff, including speak Portuguese. So yeah, this transfer will be a good one.

(My Christmas Tree)
I miss Elder Troy very much, but that's life in the mission.

As for Christmas and new years, they were good! Christmas we had a bunch of dinners with different families and had a really fun time. And new years was fun too. We were tracting after dark and we looked at each other and went wait....what night is it? And then we realized it was new years eve, so we were like dannnnnnng we need to get home soon, its gonna get dangerous on the streets soon. So we went and visited this lady we teach really quick, and then we both just got a huge feeling like omg we need to go home right now. so we got outta there and drove home really carefully, and just spent the night reading or whatever in the apartment. went to bed at a normal time haha. i like sleeping, and we cant afford to stay up anyways, so it was okay. i had a good time.

As for the investigators, there isnt much new going on, since it was the first week as a companionship things were a little slow. but i feel like a lot is about to happen, and were almost always busy. But other than that i dont remember what else there is to say haha, just that im busy and happy and learning and teaching a ton! things are great :)

Love ya all, have a great week :)
Con Amor,
Elder Ellsworth
(p.s. i started P90X last night! danggg its crazy hard, i loved it! i liked that it was just simple things like different push ups and pull ups but arranged in such a way to do a lot of work. it was awesome! im excited about it :) so im a P90X guy officially now. its pretty legit stuff)
Here are a few pictures of Carsten with some of the other missionaries in his area

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