Letter from Carsten - Januray 23, 2012

January 23, 2012
The week of Zone basketball

Dear Family,
We seem to have less and less time every P-day. Today we have an appointment at 4pm.This weeks been really good - we've had a pretty successful week, and were starting to find lots of really solid awesome people that are actually prepared.
So were kinda prioritizing who we teach. We were teaching Rene, one of our best investigators, and right before we teach him and his wife this guy calls him and started making fun of him for listening to us and telling him he shouldn't. So theres always opposition, and its super annoying. Were hoping every things okay, but you never know how it goes.
We found this guy named Jose, and he is AWESOME! He opened up to us and told us all these awesome stories about how he became religious, and his thoughts, he's a really smart realllllllly humble guy, and he is always really appreciative of everything we do for him, its pretty cool. So he is awesome.
And lately when we go knocking, we've found some good people to teach, which is nice. usually its not very fruitful. so we are counting our blessings. We had a bunch of people at church! Two less active families that we've been working with forever, and Rene and his kids. that was really awesome, so things are really turning around for the better. 
The district is awesome, we are all super close. We have a lot of fun as a district all the time, and get along well. On Wednesday we had district meeting on the roof of the target parking garage. (see pictures below)
And today we all got together with some others from the zone to play basketball. It's raining outside! its awesome, I miss the rain. So overall, things are great!
Hope you all have a good week! love you,
Con Amor,
Carsten's California Mission ACTION shot
Carsten's District Missionary's
District Meeting on top the Target Building

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