Letter from Carsten - February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012
The week of my Transfer to Lancaster

Elder Carsten Ellsworth
5021 W Ave L-14 #18
Lancaster, California 93536

Well, things are crazy busy today and i haven't got much time, but, i got transferred! Its to Leona Valley in Lancaster, and its English speaking! which is weird, i don't know what I'm gonna do - I've taught in English a few times and I'm horrible. i can only talk in Spanish about the gospel, so it'll be interesting.

My companion's name is Elder Sundrud, and hes a legit dude. He looks and acts like a Mormon Stephan! he is big into music and was a DJ for raves and stuff before, and hes a funny dude. The area is really cool too. I'm excited to be here, and ill say more when i have more time! love you all!

Con....wait...English work...
With love,

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