Letter from Carsten - January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012
The week of ups and downs

Well, another day in the life of crazy Van Nuys! its so crazy here. everyday we see ridiculous things that just make us question the sanity of the human race. Just silly things all the time hahaha. we have to shake our heads and laugh multiple times a day.

As for the work, its good! we had another kind of rough week, where 2 days this week we had just utter zero days. As in zero numbers, not taught anybody. its a real downer when that happens, cause it hard not having anything to do and having alllll your backups fail. But theres something to learn from it I'm sure.

The very few lessons that we taught, were really awesome! This guy Chris Ramirez, which is Hermana Lopez's husband, is taking the lessons really well. and The mother of a family that gives us food on Mondays is too, shes been catholic 70 years and i feel like shes taking the message well and understands that she needs to get her answers from god and not from the traditions of men. so were helping her with that, we taught her a really good lesson on the restoration, and tonight are gonna show her the restoration DVD. Its pretty cool.

We found this girl named Tania, shes a single mom, non-denom christian. But shes freaking quick, like we ask her questions and she doesn't miss a beat to answer it, with something very intelligent. I like quick people, they remember things and understand when they are feeling the spirit, because they remember the lessons we share about how to know what the spirit feels like. So I'm really excited. so far she agrees with everything we teach and really respects what we do. Shes a single mom.

Anyways, theres been lots of ups and downs. But that's the life, you just gotta take what you can and learn from it. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Con Amor,

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