Letter from Carsten - March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012
The week of the Cherry CHIP Cake for my Birthday!

Well, im 20. pretty exciting right? i know, im not a teen anymore, which must mean im more mature now right?

Anyways, the weeks been pretty awesome. Most succesful week we have had all transfer, and i got 2 whole cherry chip cakes! for my birthday dinner we had my favorite, tortellini with chicken and squash, and cake and ice cream. the Harveys were awesome and gave me all my favorites. My birthday was on the busiest day we have every week, which is good for a missionary! so it was a good day.Am i a little homesick? no way. okay fine a little. i also got lots of awesome letters from family and friends, thanks to all of you! i, including my old ym/ yw group which i thought was cool.

As for the work around here, we have a new investigator! So this guy named Jim Hammond has been working with the bishop and us to reactivate himself, and things are going along extremely well!He just got a new job too which is good. Well his wife Susie is taking the lessons! At first when we came over she would just hide in a room or avoid us. but then she started coming to church with him and being there for our lessons, and has lots of very intelligent questions! and then we asked her if she was interested in taking the lessons to learn more about the church and she agreed, so we are pretty dang excited.

So, sorry my emails tend to be short. but i thought about it, and i could never focus on other missionaries emails cause they are always so stinking long! even now im bad at it lol, so i figure that my short and concise emails are more readable. hope you think the same! anyways, i love you all and have a great week :)
Con Amor,

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