Letter from Carsten - March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012
The week with the Hammon's
Well, its been a good week or two, we have had some good work to do. i don't remember what I've written about the Hammons, but they are awesome! Jim is a member who a few months ago decided to get reactivated in the church. He recently received the aaronic priesthood. and his wife Susie, who was raised catholic, has been coming to church and will be baptized on April 1st! its pretty awesome! She was a new investigator a week or two ago, and things have gone well. before we even taught the first lesson she asked us when she could get baptized and stuff. They have been working with the bishop a lot so he's gonna be baptizing her! she wants to be baptized quickly so that they can get sealed in the temple before their next anniversary. Talk about the best darn investigator ever right! We are teaching her daughter too. We are very excited, and will meet with her basically every day of this week to finish the lessons, but things are lookin good! and lots of people should come to it, since it was well announced, and we have a choir practice right before the baptism at 6. so, conference, and a baptism. Gonna be a good weekend!

On other news, i came up with a sweet idea with the help of our zone leader Elder Nielson. I hate writing things down, and have lots of letters to write which take priority over journal. so basically i don't write in my journal, which i know i will regret after the mission. so, i bought a 2 dollar microphone for my ipod nano watch, which i will use to keep basically a captains log of every day of my mission! and when i get home, ill figure out a way to convert that audio into written text on paper using moms ipad. so I'm pretty excited, and the microphone is super cool! I'm excited :)

We started up P90x again, so that's good. gonna help us be healthier and get started in the morning better! pretty excited.

Anyways, cant think of whatever else has happened this week, though I'm sure there is a lot.

love you all and have a great week!
Con Amor, Eldersworth

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