Letter from Carsten - March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012
The week of the Marshmellows
Hello! sorry i didn't write yesterday, we were too busy to get to email so we just got to do it today. Today was great tho! We got up early and chopped wood for Sister Seminario, they are the best family they LOVE missionaries. anyway we did that, i chopped wood and split stumps and stuff, and it was really fun! and then we had a lesson real quick, and then we did MORE service and helped brother Irvin pull out the tree in his yard. so that was fun, then we got panda. But me and elder Sundrud felt like city boys when we chopped wood, cause at first we didn't know what we were doing. but we got the hang of it and got a lot done.

Yesterday we went to this place called Charlie Browns, its this store with literally EVERYTHING you could ever imagine, lots of collectible stuff and ridiculous things. and its a restaurant too, so i got a hot dog. but you can get ostrich burgers and buffalo burgers, and cactus flavored smoothies. it was great. and then i bought a knife at another cool store, cause it was cool. I put it in my emergency preparedness sack.

Other than that, its been pretty normal round here. We teach a bunch of people. we were teaching Fran and Latora, they are the really old black ladies. Fran is the investigator and Latora is the member. We invite Fran to church and talk about why we go, and then we invite Latora, and she says many things that don't make sense, and basically says she doesn't have to go to church. Shes convinced she doesn't have to go. so that's always interesting. she usually says things that make it weird for teaching, or just confuse us all. but shes way nice, so whatever, it'll work out.
For district meeting we had a cool activity, which involved marshmallows, an egg, and my hand. its hard to explain tho so ill leave it at that and let you just guess lol. needless to say, it was messy.
Anyways, that's all i can think of that was interesting! have a good week and i love you all :)
Con Amor,

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