Letter from Carsten - April 16, 2012

The week of the RIPPED JEANS
April 16, 2012

Well this week has been a little slower for missionary work again, so we are continually trying new things to help speed up the work. We have a lot of great potential investigators about to come our way and are excited about that!

Our investigator Susie, who just got baptized was confirmed yesterday! We are very happy about that. And the other day we were in the neighborhood so we visited our favorite old people the Seglers. They immediately commanded us to make a sandwich and sit down and eat, which was good, cause we had no dinner that night. They are great. She is super nice and he is really interesting and funny. He has lots of back problems so we go over and help them out with things all the time. Once we swept their porch, cleaned their windows, put together a table, and set up their Wii, Kindle Fire, and Ipad all in one day! So they love us for that! Its funny, we call ourselves the I.T. missionaries, cause we help all the old people work their tablet computers and ipads and put the scriptures on them (they ALL have em, and none know how to use them) and and we help people speed up and/or fix their computers like every day haha. its pretty fun and helpful, its gotten me into investigators houses before, good thing i know how to do that stuff!

I have one funny story. Last p-day we went to the Croshers for dinner. They are really awesome people and LOVE us. We went in jeans and normal clothes cause we were busy that day. Well, Charlene Crosher is the cutest girl in the ward, and of course was there for dinner. Not that i would  know that or anything - haha anyways, after dinner me, Elder Sundrud, Charlene, and her sister went out back and were jumping on the trampoline. Elder Sundrud and Charlene were teaching me how to do a front flips cause I'm uncoordinated. Well i figured it out! so i was jumping and came down to land one flip, and hear a big RIIIIIP! Did i rip my only jeans right down the butt seam in front of the cutest girl in the ward? Yep -Yep i did. Was i embarrassed? nope! in fact, i decided to keep practicing anyways lol, but then it ripped some more so i decided to stop lol. But it was extremely funny. As missionaries, we are bombarded with intensely awkward situations all day, every day. so, I'm awkward proof! It's great. Anyways that's my funny story of the week.
I love you all, have a great week!
Con Amor,
(My FAVORITE jeans have bit the DUST)

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