Letter from Carsten - April 2, 2012

April 2m 2012
The week of the apartment check

Well, i had an exciting week this week! Our investigator Susie Hammond got baptised on Sunday. The whole program was really well done and spiritual. We are very happy for her. The ward is really great! She already has a LOT of good friends in the ward, so we are really happy. We met with her every day of last week, and it was awesome. She will be confirmed this coming Sunday. Ain't that GREAT!

Other than that, things have been pretty normal! Yesterday for P-day we played football and ultimate frisbee for like 5 hours in the sun, and i got a really bad sunburn on my neck and forehead - lol. It hurts a bit, and my legs are crazy sore so no p-90x today! Our legs are shot. but that was a lot of fun!

We did a bunch of other stuff yesterday too and didn't have time to email, so we had to do it this morning. This morning we had our apartment checked by some guy from the mission. I'll have you know that we passed! Our place is pretty darn clean, minus the floors, they need vacuuming. but we passed, so that was cool.

Well, that's really the highlights! its been a great and very busy week, until next week!
Con Amor,
(driving the streets of California)

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