Transfer to Panorama City, California

Panorama City, California
June 11, 2012

Well, it happened! I'm back to Spanish work. I'm so excited. I'm being transferred to the San Fernando valley. my companion will be Elder Gabriel, he is a greenie and a native speaker, so my spanish will come right back. Im very excited!

I'm taking over my good friend Elder Gomms greenie area, and he is moving to my greenie area, its pretty great. I'm excited to be back in the valley. Oh, and I'll finally be on bike too! LOL can't wait to use that new bike of mine.

As for the work here, things are doing really well! We have 3 groups of very good investigators that are awesome! and we are going to ask them all to take the lessons here very soon, and things should go really well with them! too bad i wont be here lol

Anyways, its short today. love you all!

Elder Carsten Ellsworth
14690 Nordhoff St. Apt. #108
Panorama City, California

(driving to new area)

Panorama City is a district in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles, California.

Letter from Carsten - June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012
The week of the Leona Valley Cherry Parade

Guess what?! This week, Elder Farmer and i helped out a member at the Leona Valley Cherry parade scoop ice cream to advertise her practice as a therapist! We were there with some other members, and we scooped 600 ice cream cones! haha it was awesome, and the ice cream was free so everyone wanted some, it was really fun. We had a few investigators come and get some too which was cool :) but this thing was a full on parade that all of Leona valley does every year, it was pretty sweet!

After we were done scooping ice cream, Elder Farmer and I entered into the CHERRY PIE EATING CONTEST! we lost - the large man next to me destroyed everyone. I barely even dented the thing. but it was all over our faces. It was pretty great.

Other big news, our investigator brother Carlon is scheduled to be baptized in 12 days! the problem is he still smokes, so if we have to move back the date we will. but yesterday, we brought brother Mintey along with us to the lesson, and gave a super awesome lesson with a stop smoking program! its a really cool program with lots of psychology and prayer all together, and he should be able to quit in this week if he follows the steps! his wife is actually doing it too. but that went really well, and they even destroyed their cigarettes right in front of u haha. it was awesome, keep them in your prayers. if it works he can get baptized and then get the priesthood so he can baptize his son. Hes an awesome guy.

Anyways, thats all for today! off to play basketball...

love you all bye
Elder Ellsworth

Letter from Carsten - May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012
Memorial Day

Well, its a crazy day today for sure. We already went to a huge ward breakfast and ceremony thing this morning (forcing us to wear upsetting missionary clothes on a p-day) and had delicious food and talked with some people - that was pretty fun. Now we managed to squeeze time to email, and maybe shop, and then we have a party at a members house at noon to go to and see a bunch of people, and then, were ditching out of that early to go to the Mormon missionary Monday BBQ that Chris beam ( a crazy member from a neighbor ward) is throwing for our zone. There will be football and fun sports, BBQ, revelry, and a pneumatic potato cannon! we are stoked haha. Then dinner with our ward mission leader. pretty crazy p-day. Too bad i cant spend it at the lake with the Ellsworth clan this morning like usual. oh well a few years from now i will.

As for missionary work, its good! we dropped Leroy the old guy, he really doesn't care. so oh well, not his time. and we are still working on teaching a few other people. its pretty fun stuff, I'm just not good at remembering on a p-day what happened that week, since all the weeks morph together. but things are good! and i expect i will be transferred in 2 weeks and hopefully back to Spanish work which will be good.

Things are good. That's all for today!
Elder Ellsworth

Letter from Carsten - May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012
The week I'm really tired

Things have been good around here lately. WE are basically going through the grunt work about every day of trying to find new people to teach. Its hard, but a good growing experience. We have lists of semi-hostile people to visit and we've actually been knocking lately! its been a while for me. Even though knocking almost never gets you any immediate success, we decided that doing it gives you indirect success. whenever we go knocking, we get shutdown, but later in the day or the week something crazy good happens that didn't ever happen before.

For now we are just meeting with a lot of part member families, trying to see if they want us to teach and or baptize them! One lady, Sister White is really cool. Shes there at church every single Sunday and basically has a calling, but isn't a member. so we have been over a few times to get to know them and share spiritual thoughts with them. We will see where that takes us!
that's about all the excitement this week.
Love you all!
Con Amor,
 (this is my tired look from knocking on doors)