Letter from Carsten - June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012
The week of the Leona Valley Cherry Parade

Guess what?! This week, Elder Farmer and i helped out a member at the Leona Valley Cherry parade scoop ice cream to advertise her practice as a therapist! We were there with some other members, and we scooped 600 ice cream cones! haha it was awesome, and the ice cream was free so everyone wanted some, it was really fun. We had a few investigators come and get some too which was cool :) but this thing was a full on parade that all of Leona valley does every year, it was pretty sweet!

After we were done scooping ice cream, Elder Farmer and I entered into the CHERRY PIE EATING CONTEST! we lost - the large man next to me destroyed everyone. I barely even dented the thing. but it was all over our faces. It was pretty great.

Other big news, our investigator brother Carlon is scheduled to be baptized in 12 days! the problem is he still smokes, so if we have to move back the date we will. but yesterday, we brought brother Mintey along with us to the lesson, and gave a super awesome lesson with a stop smoking program! its a really cool program with lots of psychology and prayer all together, and he should be able to quit in this week if he follows the steps! his wife is actually doing it too. but that went really well, and they even destroyed their cigarettes right in front of u haha. it was awesome, keep them in your prayers. if it works he can get baptized and then get the priesthood so he can baptize his son. Hes an awesome guy.

Anyways, thats all for today! off to play basketball...

love you all bye
Elder Ellsworth

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