Letter from Carsten - May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012
Memorial Day

Well, its a crazy day today for sure. We already went to a huge ward breakfast and ceremony thing this morning (forcing us to wear upsetting missionary clothes on a p-day) and had delicious food and talked with some people - that was pretty fun. Now we managed to squeeze time to email, and maybe shop, and then we have a party at a members house at noon to go to and see a bunch of people, and then, were ditching out of that early to go to the Mormon missionary Monday BBQ that Chris beam ( a crazy member from a neighbor ward) is throwing for our zone. There will be football and fun sports, BBQ, revelry, and a pneumatic potato cannon! we are stoked haha. Then dinner with our ward mission leader. pretty crazy p-day. Too bad i cant spend it at the lake with the Ellsworth clan this morning like usual. oh well a few years from now i will.

As for missionary work, its good! we dropped Leroy the old guy, he really doesn't care. so oh well, not his time. and we are still working on teaching a few other people. its pretty fun stuff, I'm just not good at remembering on a p-day what happened that week, since all the weeks morph together. but things are good! and i expect i will be transferred in 2 weeks and hopefully back to Spanish work which will be good.

Things are good. That's all for today!
Elder Ellsworth

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