Letter from Carsten - July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012
The week of Irma's baptism
Hurray Irma got baptized! Were super excited for her - she was so ready its not even funny. She was prepared from the start. now next week she gets confirmed, and hopefully we will get to teach her daughter and husband too. we will see what happens there - but she is super happy. I took pictures - I'll have Mom post them as soon as I get them to her.
And The Moreno's came to church! She is the mom - a member and very nice. Her husband isn't interested right now, but says he doesn't care if we teach and baptize the kids (ages 8, Jackie, and 11, Freddie) and these kids are AMAZING! they are the best behaved kids iv met, they are super smart and always ask great questions. and they got to go to church for the first time and absolutely love it! Jacki already has her mind made up that she wants to be a teacher in the church. And during sacrament, i passed notes to them and we had a question and answer thing over the notes, it was really fun - they rock. should be baptized on July 22nd.
And Jose Ulin should get baptized this month too (we hope) he's awesome! His wife is a member. So yeah! things are going really well.
We also had a sweet missionary activity where we shared a lesson and then played volleyball with the ward, which was really fun! that was Saturday. Next week we have a zone conference with the new mission pres and then interviews with him too - so things should be good!
That's all i got!

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