Letter from Carsten - July 23, 2012

July 23. 2012
The week of 2 baptisms and Transfers

So last week i was writing my emails, hoe de doe de doe, and i went well, anything else to write? NOPE! and i logged off and left. But it had skipped my mind that i didnt write my big family email to everybody, so oops!

From last week, we had 2 baptisms! Freddy and Jacki Moreno, 2 kids ages 11 and 8. they are the best kids ever! super smart, super obedient, and they LOVE church! their mom was already a member. so they were super excited to get baptized last week, and this week they got confirmed too. but it was my first time actually doing the baptism! i baptized jacki, it was really cool. so that was great haha, the only bad part is that on wednesday they have to move to georgia for work for their dad. so they wont be able to stay :( but at least we were able to baptize them and now they have the info for the other ward as well.

This week, we had ANOTHER baptism for Barbara Penate, the daughter of Irma, who was baptised a few weeks ago. Barbara decided she wanted to be baptised as well, and she studied everything very well. next week she will be confirmed. so that was super cool!

Also, Transfers are today! i am staying here, along with Elder Gabriel for one more. Everyone thinks i will be leaving next transfer cause we are getting 16 new missionaries in the mission. But yeah, im staying another here, and im getting a good friend Elder Fike in the district, he is one of my favorite missionaries ever. so that will be really cool :)

Other than that, i cant really remember much else to report!
Love you all, have a good week!
(Elder Fikes and I at the Temple)

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