Letter from Carsten - July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012
The week of 2000 water baloons

Well, Irma was confirmed on Sunday. BY ME! It was super scary, especially since i had been super busy and scatterbrained, and forgot that i had to do it. so i borrowed a missionary handbook in Spanish and figured out how to do the prayer really quick. don't think i messed it up TOO bad, the important part is that she has the gift of the holy ghost now. The other cool thing, her daughter, who i didn't think would want to get baptized for a while, told me that she wants to get baptized soon! That's always a good thing to hear from an investigator. But yeah that was good.

On Wednesday we had our sweet district BBQ -  i made steak quesadillas, the best thing i have ever made. anyways, that's really the whole thing this week!

Oh, and also, today were having a sweet zone activity! Its a giant water balloon fight!!! we already filled up just about 2000 balloons, we are gonna destroy! So that'll be fun haha.

Okay -  that's all i got,
love you people!

(I'll post the name of this family after Carsten lets me know who they are)

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