Letter from Carsten - June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012
The week of the robbery

This week went by suuuper fast! and you know what that means, means we were super busy! This area is awesome - we have TONS of investigators, knocking is actually semi-effective, we set baptismal dates all the time, we get lots of food, we live in the same complex as 2 cool missionaries in our district, and we played succor today. i love it.

Elder Gabriel is my comp, hes from Mexico and has only 3 months so far on his mission, he's a greenie. but you wouldn't know it! hes a really good missionary and he follows the spirit very well. and he can connect with the people well, because he is funny and hes seriously always laughing! He's a freaking paisa. so that's pretty cool, we have a lot of good work and people genuinely interested in the gospel, just yesterday we set a date for the first of July! shes only been investigating less that 2 weeks and her baptism date is in less that 2 weeks haha that's sweet. her daughter should follow right after her, and maybe even her husband. her name is Irma. We have some other good investigators too, ill give more info on em as more things happen.

The area is super sketchy here. 3 days ago, Elder Shuar got robbed. He was borrowing elder Bentons bike, and they locked it and went to their apartment for a few minutes, and when they came back they left his comps bike, but stole the one he was borrowing from Benton haha it was pretty funny. the missionaries around here are awesome tho.

(my bike)
Yesterday, i ate cow tongue for dinner, and it was actually great! halfway through they were like dude i think this is cow tongue. and i just pretended it wasn't until i finished it. but it tasted great haha. just like regular beef!

So being on bike is really fun actually. I like to ride, the only sucky part is that its wayyyyy too hot here to ride bikes. it gets sweaty quick. but guess what i had to do to my bike :) i wrapped the whole thing, as much as i could, in plastic wrap and then duck taped over all of it. so now its got duck tape everywhere and it looks ghetto, that way it wont get stolen. cause its a freaking nice bike! i changed the seat too, the seat was super nice and they will steal it right off with the quick release. so i changed it for a crappy extra one laying around, so it looks terrible, but it rides like new. :D and we have 2 u-locks, which they cannot cut. i put mine on my front tire so they wont take it. (that has happened to elders a lot here too) its funny!

(Brother Carlon with family)

In other news, on Saturday i managed to get a ride and we went back up to Leona valley to see the baptism on an investigator from my last ward. His family were members, but we taught him when i got there and we just helped him quit smoking. That was awesome, and now he got baptized, and next month he will baptize his son when he turns 8. its sweet. Brother Carlon is his name. I got to see some good people there too that i missed. it was awesome.

(Brother Carlon and his wife)
Well, cant think of anything else to write, tho I'm sure i forgot something important - Oh well! love you all!
Con Amor,

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