Letter from Carsten - June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012
The week of Elder Gabriel's BIRTHDAY
Well, what more can i say other that, things are going very well in the hood! We have a few baptismal dates, one of which is this Sunday! Her name is Irma, and she is SUPER golden. She even went to the bishop just to ask how long she needed to get baptized. Its perfect. we are stoked. And we should be setting a few more dates here soon. But yeah, the work is great, and lots of people like to listen to us, probably cause my companion Elder Gabriel is from Mexico and clicks with like everyone! Hes good, we are doing well.

(Elder Gabriel with his Birthday Cake - just before it went all over his face)
It was Elder Gabriel's birthday on Thursday, so we went to our favorite family, la Familia Navarrete to have a second dinner and some cake and party - it was way fun, and the best part was Elder Gabriel getting cake shoved ALL over his face and white shirt!

(This is what birthdays look like in the mission field)
The missionaries and members here are a lot of fun.. Oh and we also got to go to the temple on Tuesday, which was a wonderful experience. i learned a LOT there, more than i usually do which was awesome. we had a really smart guy give us a talk before we did a session, and i learned a lot. can't wait to go back and learn some more. it was a great experience tho.

So on Friday, our new mission president steps off the plane and officially becomes the new president of the Cali San Fernando mission! I'm gonna miss President and sister Martin a lot, they have been incredible to us, they are basically like our mom and dad out here. No idea what to expect with the new guy, and Pres Martin says he isn't telling him ANYTHING good OR bad about the missionaries - he will have to figure it out for himself! But it will be cool, we have a farewell training from the Martins on Tuesday, and soon after interviews, and a mission wide zone conference with President Hall. It will be crazy times!

Anyways, that's about all i can think of going on here!
love you all, have a good one

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