Letter from Carsten - August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012
The week of the record player and ward activity
Well, our apartment building always has really random stuff being thrown away, and the elders that live upstairs found a sweet record player! so its in their pad and they use it to listen to the classic music radio station - but elder Gabriel has a few records so we threw his Areosmith record in there, it sounded way good! I want a record player now when i get home. but then we turned it back to the classical station, we only listened to Areosmith for a few minutes lol i promise!
As for missionary work this week, there wasn't much success. It was around 107 and humid all week, and on bike that gets really tough - no one opens their doors when its hot cause it'll let out the cold air, so we didn't do much teaching and we can't find any of our investigators -  but its okay cause this week its only gonna be in the 90s! so more success to come!
But we did have a great ward activity! The ward has been struggling with that cause there's never activities so no one ever bonds, but we had a big activity with lots of carne asada and pinatas and soccer and tug of war it was good. we missionaries played soccer too, in white shirts and ties and tennis shoes! that was super fun. 
That was my week! More stories to come next week, stay tuned


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