Letter from Carsten - August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012
The week of the bike pump
Man this transfers been rough on our bikes! i got my 6th or 7th flat a few hours ago for this transfer alone! its pretty annoying and inconvenient - I've had lots of problems with that and spent way too much money on tubes and stuff, and elder Mcphee who lives upstairs has had lots of brake problems and 3 flats.
Elder Gabriel had his first flat since hes been here! (the very day he was bragging that he hadn't had a flat tire yet mwahahahaha that was actually kind of funny)
AND i broke elder Mcphees nice bike pump in the middle of us popping all these tires, and Elder Gabriel broke his little one too - so i went to Walmart on the Poppins (the crappy beach cruiser that we named the Mary Poppins) and bought a nice brand new pump for Elder Mcphee for breaking his and bought myself a nice portable one, but when we got home we figured out the big nice one didn't even work!
So that's been our reality the last few weeks haha.It's gotten to the point of ridiculousness that we just had to step back and laugh at the situation, cause it was so dumb it was funny. The good news is my nice little portable pump works great and even has a pressure gauge - so there's a ray of hope, that saved my life on the street today.
As for missionary work, it continues the same! Still finding lots of people, and then being unable to ever find them again haha. we find some legit people but its so hard not being able to ever teach them again.
Speaking of change, we get transfer calls on SATURDAY! We have a board full of predictions for all the missionaries in the mission, BUT we predict that I'm staying and training (YIKES) and Elder Gabriel is going to the desert. Well see what happens!
That's about it tho - love you all have a good week :)
("Holy Bike Problems Batman!")

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