Letter from Carsten - August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012
The week of "The Dream"
So, you know you are trunky when you've had a few dreams about being home after the mission. Other dreams I've had where I was home weren't very realistic, or in them I didn't even go home to a house I even recognized.
Well, my dream last night was SUPER real! I was at Mom's house hanging out with Mom, Steve, and Gabrielle (like i will be when i get home) and it was like super real! I seriously thought I was home already, and i was like "dang, my mission went by really fast"! Then I went to sleep in my room, and thought "oh no wait!!! why cant i remember the second half of my mission?!?!?!?!? - oh no that might mean that I'm dreaming"! But no, this isn't a dream it's so real, and then I opened my eyes and turned my head over....and saw Elder Gabriel in the next bed over and went...
Anyways, other than trunky dreams, things are doing good in good old Arleta! not really teaching anybody super golden yet, but we have put in countless hours of knocking and finding. It pays off every now and then.
Right now we are teaching La Familia Rubio, the mom referred her son to the missionaries so he could learn more about God, and we ended up teaching all of them. (love it when that happens) It was cool. She was really interested in going to church, which hasn't happen yet for whatever reason, but oh well! She has cancer, which is pretty bad. but she looks good. The dads name is Arturo (Arthur in English) he's a funny old guy. He asks questions like "why isn't there more about the apostles written in the bible"? (which by the way, i don't think he has read past john in the bible, since more than half of the New Testiment are the happenings of the apostles) He also wants to know "why don't we know if Jesus got married" and all sorts of other questions. (the point? the bible is incomplete, hence another testament out of the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses - if someone honestly read the bible, they would realize that it completely backs our church)
Anyways, that's about it so have a good week everyone!
Love you!

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