Letter from Carsten - October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012
The week I landed in Palmdale California

Well, here i am in the family history center in our church right next to our pad (convenient much!) in good ole Palmdale California! And i am loving it. I always manage to be in the desert for the winter, i hope it snows again! oh wait I'm on bike...oh well i still hope it snows.

My new comp is Elder Reed from Utah. He seems quiet at first but as it happens is quite a lively jokester haha. hes a really good missionary and works extremely well with people.
The area is very good too, we had a baptism the Sunday before i got here and she got confirmed yesterday, her name is Rosa Bustamante. ANd she is super awesome and loves us! and her daughter Katie and niece Olivia are also awesome and getting baptized on the 4th of November! so that's coming up soon :)
Other than that theres quite a few good investigators here, and the ward is sweet too! especially the youth, a lot of the young men will be serving missions in the coming years and bring their bikes and come out with us all the time. And on Friday nights, we play soccer here at the church with all the youth and teach a lesson to all the people that come! double the soccor!
So things are really cool here i really like it. and the weather is great! its super windy which makes riding bikes difficult, and its fairly cold too haha. but i like it. so yeah! love it here for sure.
I cant believe Brant went home already! that fools in his house right now the bum! I'm jealous. but that's okay, cause i got good things going on here so i wont be too trunky.
anyways, that's all i got for today! love you all have good weeks :)
Con Amor,

Letter from Carsten - October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012
The week of transfers - where will I go?
Well, we got transfer calls Saturday night AND I'm transferred! haha. idk where to yet, but i do know it'll be to bike. there are a lot of areas opening up that are bike so really theres quite a few possibilities. we will have to see what happens at the transfer meeting Thursday morning. I'm pretty sad that I'm gonna have to leave Elder Marcal, the kids a beast. and this area is the most fruitful ive been in, we have a lot of good working going on right now. but I'm excited to get out at the same time and experience a new area. my pattern my whole mission has been 2 with one comp in an area, then one other comp, and then i leave. its just funny tho cause now it'll be 2 times that i leave an area to Marcal.
Other than that missionary work is sweet! Our super awesome investigator Betania came to church again (she walked, its 4 miles and hot) and she liked it. it was the first "normal" church meeting shes been too cause the first time there was a weird ward training thing and then was general conference. she liked it a lot tho. and were still working with her baptismal date on the 21st, i just hope i don't get transferred too far away so that i can be there when she gets dunked. I'm sure it'll happen, and probably on her date too, so that should be sweet! were just working on getting her lots of member friends, turns out theres a lot of good ones in the ward. but i don't have to worry about that anymore since I'm leaving.
We had a big district meal the other night too, we made fantastic burgers and fries together. but the mountain of dishes to do after about killed me haha. that took some time to deal with. anyways, that's the update for now!
Just the usual going down every day! the good news, i haven't had any popped bike tubes yet this transfer! tho I'm sure my saying that just cursed me on the way home! We will see. love you all have a great week :)

Letter from Carsten - October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012
The week Betania Paredes walked 3 miles to church
Oh my goodness i think this is the 5th week of the transfer, which means its almost the 6th week, which means its almost next transfer! things are really jetting by these days. But that's cause were busy and lots of good things are getting done!
Our best investigator, Betania Paredes, is super awesome and walked to church through the ghetto 3 miles. and she asked us for BoM reading chapters every night! so that's really good :) me and Elder  Marcal are getting along very well. Its so fun to be in a companionship where every lesson the unity is flawless, we already knew how to teach together so every transition and doctrine is really good. i love it i hope i stay one more.
Today for P-day we played soccer, but this time it was different cause i bought cleats! really good brand from Ross for 20 bucks :) so that was super fun. and we had a zone activity and got to play some fun games too.
That's pretty much it this week tho! i don't really remember what happens every week they are all just blurring together lol. love you all have a good week :)

Letter from Carsten - September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012
The week of the missionary skit
well, this week went by soooo fast i literally cant remember a thing that happened! OK let me think for a sec...
oh yeah, so i went on exchanges with my close friend Elder Fike! it was a weird day, nothing went according to plan, but we found one of his investigators during the hardest time of her life and were able to help her make the right decisions and promised lots of blessings, which are already coming true for her! so that day was sweet!
Yesterday night we had a stake wide missionary activity, there were 4 rooms where we would cycle the investigators and they would learn about the 5 principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and then after we all went to the chapel and heard a sweet talk by Stake President Gomez on enduring to the end. Our  room was on the gift of the holy ghost and we did this fun skit thing with acting and it was hilarious. I narrated and taught the principles and then Elder Marcal, Christensen and Johnson did the skit, and it was sweet :) kept people from being bored real well.
Thursday Elder Marcal got really sick from eating a bad pupusa, and slept from 4 until 10 at night, and woke up at 10 and was like "what time is it"? so i told him it was 10 and he freaked out cause he still thought it was 4 haha. and then he slept through the night. But yeah, things have been good! if your reading this email, i love you. byE!
Other than that, i cant remember what else has happened lol. But i remember it being a good week!

Letter from Carsten - September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012
The week of my most spiritual experiences of my Mission
Well, things have really picked up here in good ole Arleta! Elder Marcal and i are working together really well and in a week we went from 0 baptismal dates to 4, with 2 of the most spiritual experiences of my mission,
Lots of good stuff going on. It sure makes a difference to have unity and the spirit, all the difference actually.
The spiritual experiences were with La Familia Vasquez, where i couldn't even tell you what was said, it was just amazing. The spirit spoke through both of us with quite a lot of power, and we set 2 baptismal dates with them. She went from being a church going catholic (rare) to telling her husband that we were only asking them to be baptized if they found out it was true. and it was super powerful. it took 2 hours but we thought it had only been an hour.
The other was with a family la Familia Paredes. We taught the mom, her oldest daughter and youngest son whom live with her. And it was also super powerful, and they really liked us too. We were sure they had learned more in that hour with us than they had ever learned from going to their church -  again, i couldn't tell you what was said, but it was freaking awesome. We both felt spiritually constrained NOT to give a b-date to them. so that was cool.
We've been having lots of good experiences. we also had a really cool guy at Jack in the Box. there were like 14 of us missionaries eating there and he asked if he could sit with us and he was a really cool guy who had honest genuine questions. he works with youth for his baptist church, but he was very open and non judgemental.
Well that's the cool stories of the week! haha have a good day i love you all :)
Elder Ellsworth

Letter from Carsten - September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012
The week of TRANSFERS - Elder Marcal
I was gonna get on and write that i cant even remember what happened this week cause its been so weird, but then i realized, oh yeah! I have a new companion lol.
My companions name is Elder Marcal.
Sound familiar? That's because he was my comp in Van Nuys my 3rd transfer! Pretty awesome right?Its sweet, he's a really good missionary and he has a lot of great ideas for the area, plus we already know how to work together when we teach. So I'm way excited for this transfer, things are gonna be very good.
Elder Marcal was born in Brazil, but now lives in Utah. He looks like hes like 18 but hes 21, and hes crazy good at soccor and enjoys video games. And hes super funny.
So yeah, I'm very excited, this will be a good couple of weeks. We didn't have too much missionary work of note go down this week, mostly cause of these new way they do transfers, but this next week we are PACKED with appointments, which hasn't happened in a while.
This morning we all woke up early and had a crazy good few games of soccor at 6 in the morning! it felt good. I scored 2 goals, both only using my chest. I'm not sure how that happened, but it did. But yeah, that's been the week! Love you all!
Elder Ellsworth

Letter from Carsten - September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012
The week of new procedures
So the big news this week is that transfers are all different! Before, we got a call on Saturday of where we ere going and who was our new comp, and then Monday we would go to the new area. Now we find out on Saturday if we are being transferred, but not to where or with who. And then on Thursday there is a big meeting in Santa Clarita and we all learn about our areas then.
Its cool ,its just an interesting change. So we know that 3 of the 6 in my district are leaving. I am staying, and on Thursday i will get a new companion! So that's pretty crazy, ill be spending some more time in the roach infested Arleta! We all figured i would stay. This is still Elder Gabriel's greenie area so this is his first move.
This weeks missionary work was...challenging. but good! It's just that no ones ever home anymore lol. probably something to do with the holiday. But next week will be better. We finally have a few investigators, not just a ton of potentials. And a few others we've had for a while that are also cancelling a lot lol. Tis the life of a missionary!
In other news, me and my good friend Elder Mcphee are making poppy seed muffins. We want to try to make better ones sold at Costco. Hasn't happened yet haha but the ones we made last night were super good!
Anyways, that's all folks! Good weeks to everyone :)
Elder Ellsworth