Letter from Carsten - October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012
The week Betania Paredes walked 3 miles to church
Oh my goodness i think this is the 5th week of the transfer, which means its almost the 6th week, which means its almost next transfer! things are really jetting by these days. But that's cause were busy and lots of good things are getting done!
Our best investigator, Betania Paredes, is super awesome and walked to church through the ghetto 3 miles. and she asked us for BoM reading chapters every night! so that's really good :) me and Elder  Marcal are getting along very well. Its so fun to be in a companionship where every lesson the unity is flawless, we already knew how to teach together so every transition and doctrine is really good. i love it i hope i stay one more.
Today for P-day we played soccer, but this time it was different cause i bought cleats! really good brand from Ross for 20 bucks :) so that was super fun. and we had a zone activity and got to play some fun games too.
That's pretty much it this week tho! i don't really remember what happens every week they are all just blurring together lol. love you all have a good week :)

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