Letter from Carsten - October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012
The week of transfers - where will I go?
Well, we got transfer calls Saturday night AND I'm transferred! haha. idk where to yet, but i do know it'll be to bike. there are a lot of areas opening up that are bike so really theres quite a few possibilities. we will have to see what happens at the transfer meeting Thursday morning. I'm pretty sad that I'm gonna have to leave Elder Marcal, the kids a beast. and this area is the most fruitful ive been in, we have a lot of good working going on right now. but I'm excited to get out at the same time and experience a new area. my pattern my whole mission has been 2 with one comp in an area, then one other comp, and then i leave. its just funny tho cause now it'll be 2 times that i leave an area to Marcal.
Other than that missionary work is sweet! Our super awesome investigator Betania came to church again (she walked, its 4 miles and hot) and she liked it. it was the first "normal" church meeting shes been too cause the first time there was a weird ward training thing and then was general conference. she liked it a lot tho. and were still working with her baptismal date on the 21st, i just hope i don't get transferred too far away so that i can be there when she gets dunked. I'm sure it'll happen, and probably on her date too, so that should be sweet! were just working on getting her lots of member friends, turns out theres a lot of good ones in the ward. but i don't have to worry about that anymore since I'm leaving.
We had a big district meal the other night too, we made fantastic burgers and fries together. but the mountain of dishes to do after about killed me haha. that took some time to deal with. anyways, that's the update for now!
Just the usual going down every day! the good news, i haven't had any popped bike tubes yet this transfer! tho I'm sure my saying that just cursed me on the way home! We will see. love you all have a great week :)

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