Letter from Carsten - October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012
The week I landed in Palmdale California

Well, here i am in the family history center in our church right next to our pad (convenient much!) in good ole Palmdale California! And i am loving it. I always manage to be in the desert for the winter, i hope it snows again! oh wait I'm on bike...oh well i still hope it snows.

My new comp is Elder Reed from Utah. He seems quiet at first but as it happens is quite a lively jokester haha. hes a really good missionary and works extremely well with people.
The area is very good too, we had a baptism the Sunday before i got here and she got confirmed yesterday, her name is Rosa Bustamante. ANd she is super awesome and loves us! and her daughter Katie and niece Olivia are also awesome and getting baptized on the 4th of November! so that's coming up soon :)
Other than that theres quite a few good investigators here, and the ward is sweet too! especially the youth, a lot of the young men will be serving missions in the coming years and bring their bikes and come out with us all the time. And on Friday nights, we play soccer here at the church with all the youth and teach a lesson to all the people that come! double the soccor!
So things are really cool here i really like it. and the weather is great! its super windy which makes riding bikes difficult, and its fairly cold too haha. but i like it. so yeah! love it here for sure.
I cant believe Brant went home already! that fools in his house right now the bum! I'm jealous. but that's okay, cause i got good things going on here so i wont be too trunky.
anyways, that's all i got for today! love you all have good weeks :)
Con Amor,

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