Letter from Carsten - September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012
The week of my most spiritual experiences of my Mission
Well, things have really picked up here in good ole Arleta! Elder Marcal and i are working together really well and in a week we went from 0 baptismal dates to 4, with 2 of the most spiritual experiences of my mission,
Lots of good stuff going on. It sure makes a difference to have unity and the spirit, all the difference actually.
The spiritual experiences were with La Familia Vasquez, where i couldn't even tell you what was said, it was just amazing. The spirit spoke through both of us with quite a lot of power, and we set 2 baptismal dates with them. She went from being a church going catholic (rare) to telling her husband that we were only asking them to be baptized if they found out it was true. and it was super powerful. it took 2 hours but we thought it had only been an hour.
The other was with a family la Familia Paredes. We taught the mom, her oldest daughter and youngest son whom live with her. And it was also super powerful, and they really liked us too. We were sure they had learned more in that hour with us than they had ever learned from going to their church -  again, i couldn't tell you what was said, but it was freaking awesome. We both felt spiritually constrained NOT to give a b-date to them. so that was cool.
We've been having lots of good experiences. we also had a really cool guy at Jack in the Box. there were like 14 of us missionaries eating there and he asked if he could sit with us and he was a really cool guy who had honest genuine questions. he works with youth for his baptist church, but he was very open and non judgemental.
Well that's the cool stories of the week! haha have a good day i love you all :)
Elder Ellsworth

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