Letter from Carsten - September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012
The week of the missionary skit
well, this week went by soooo fast i literally cant remember a thing that happened! OK let me think for a sec...
oh yeah, so i went on exchanges with my close friend Elder Fike! it was a weird day, nothing went according to plan, but we found one of his investigators during the hardest time of her life and were able to help her make the right decisions and promised lots of blessings, which are already coming true for her! so that day was sweet!
Yesterday night we had a stake wide missionary activity, there were 4 rooms where we would cycle the investigators and they would learn about the 5 principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and then after we all went to the chapel and heard a sweet talk by Stake President Gomez on enduring to the end. Our  room was on the gift of the holy ghost and we did this fun skit thing with acting and it was hilarious. I narrated and taught the principles and then Elder Marcal, Christensen and Johnson did the skit, and it was sweet :) kept people from being bored real well.
Thursday Elder Marcal got really sick from eating a bad pupusa, and slept from 4 until 10 at night, and woke up at 10 and was like "what time is it"? so i told him it was 10 and he freaked out cause he still thought it was 4 haha. and then he slept through the night. But yeah, things have been good! if your reading this email, i love you. byE!
Other than that, i cant remember what else has happened lol. But i remember it being a good week!

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