Letter from Carsten - September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012
The week of new procedures
So the big news this week is that transfers are all different! Before, we got a call on Saturday of where we ere going and who was our new comp, and then Monday we would go to the new area. Now we find out on Saturday if we are being transferred, but not to where or with who. And then on Thursday there is a big meeting in Santa Clarita and we all learn about our areas then.
Its cool ,its just an interesting change. So we know that 3 of the 6 in my district are leaving. I am staying, and on Thursday i will get a new companion! So that's pretty crazy, ill be spending some more time in the roach infested Arleta! We all figured i would stay. This is still Elder Gabriel's greenie area so this is his first move.
This weeks missionary work was...challenging. but good! It's just that no ones ever home anymore lol. probably something to do with the holiday. But next week will be better. We finally have a few investigators, not just a ton of potentials. And a few others we've had for a while that are also cancelling a lot lol. Tis the life of a missionary!
In other news, me and my good friend Elder Mcphee are making poppy seed muffins. We want to try to make better ones sold at Costco. Hasn't happened yet haha but the ones we made last night were super good!
Anyways, that's all folks! Good weeks to everyone :)
Elder Ellsworth

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