Letter from Carsten - December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012
The week I baptized Olivia Bustamante in freezing water

Yesterday we had the great opportunity to baptize our awesome investigator Olivia Bustamante, the neice of our other awesome recent convert. The hot water in the font was broken so we were there from 1:30 to 4 boiling water in the biggest pots iv ever seen until it warmed up a little bit. so it wasnt frozen solid, but that water was still dang cold! I performed the baptism, my 2nd time ever, and it was good. The first attempt her foot came up tho, so that sucked haha. but in the end she did it and were stoked to confirm her next week!

We've also been making Christmas preparations with some decorations and a TREE in the house, compliments of MOM. Oh, and lottttts of egg nog. of course.

We should have a baptism almost every Sunday for the rest of this month! so were keeping busy haha. this is a good area to be in!
Thats the update for today, love you all have a good week!

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