Letter from Carsten - Decmeber 3, 2012

December 3, 2012
The week we set a baptisimal date for Aldo

Weathers been pretty strange here in good ole Palmdale! Extremely windy (almost fell off the bike on many occasion) and yesterday we had horizontal rain...that was weird. But i kind of enjoying riding in it, i have a sick jacket so who cares! ill tell ya who, Elder Reed - he hates cold and hates bikes even more. But things are good! just marvelling at the fact the Christmas is so close!

We've  had some good success! Set a baptismal date with a guy named Aldo, and it turned out to be the 23, which turned out to be his birthday! Birthday, born again, pretty cool meanings there. But yeah. Olivia is definitely getting baptized this weekend! were very excited. and Katie fell back to her old i want to move in with my boyfriend and yatta yatta so she's not getting baptized. well see what happens there.
Anyways, love you all have a good week!

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