Letter from Carsten - November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012
The week I made a promise

This week has been a crazy one! it literally feels like the last time i emailed was a month ago. On Monday, we played basketball for like 5 hours and then played volleyball as well. and then Thursday we had a zone turkey bowl in the morning with some football Americana. Then Friday night while i was on exchanges with Elder Martinez, we played soccor indoors for an investigator activity, and then Saturday morning was the ward soccer activity. so this week we played a TON of sports haha, its been crazy.

On top of that craziness on Tuesday night we were cruising super fast down a giant hill, when i ran over a very large and abnormally sharp rock, which of course slashed my tire. I was pretty mad, these dang roads are absolutely filthy and full of big sharp rocks. So the next day I drive us all the way to Walmart to buy a new tube, and get home and find out i got the wrong type of valve! I didn't know that there was a different type of valve! but i sure do now. so we had to wait all day for them to take us back so i could get the real deal, and we were pretty out of commission for that day.

Thankfully, we had many great opportunities this week! Katie on of our closest investigators to baptism, had a large decision to make, one of which would keep her from being baptized. but through lots of prayer she was able to choose to stay and get baptized, and that was a big deal! and on top of that, we talked on 2 occasions to Isabel about baptism, to which she asked the question "if i WERE to get baptized, what would i have to do?" which is a question i like very much. and at church yesterday she was like what? oh sorry i didn't hear you, iv been thinking a lot about that baptism thing. so that's awesome! and on top of that, she has a lot of financial problems, and for some crazy reason the words came out of my mouth that if she would do what we suggest and follow what god wants, she would never lack money for rent or food on the table. pretty scary promise to make, but i know it'll come true! i wouldn't have said such a thing otherwise.
Hopefully we could have 4 baptisms for December. merry Christmas!
So things are doing well :) have a good week everyone!

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