Letter from Carsten - November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012
The week I had dinner with family, the Olivia's

So I had a pretty sweet experience! I ate dinner with La Familia Olivas on Wednesday - turns out they are kind of like my grandparents or something! Their daughter Anjolina married Mike Wiser, the brother of my step dad Steve. So I have family in the ward, and my real grandparents an hour and 45 minutes a way, talk about weird! It was super trippy seeing pictures of my cousins and uncle Mike in someone's house, it was pretty cool. And ohhhhh man does she cook good! on the list of top 3 best meals of the mission haha. it was that good.

As for the work, i cant believe that its only been a week since last Monday! I feel like its been over a month since last p-day. Idk why but this week went slow! at least looking back, it didn't seem slow when i was in it lol.
Things have been really good tho. Our main focus, Katie and Olivia, went to church this week! they hadn't showed up and sacrament started, and we were blessing the sacrament and i said a prayer that they would be in the foyer so they could be here. and at the end they opened the doors and Katie was the first person i saw! so i was pretty happy about that little miracle.
Unfortunately tho they had to move their b-date back AGAIN because of stupid stake conference. I'm pretty worried about that, who knows what other trials will come with all that time. 
Other than that its been a pretty normal week haha. And today, we get to go hiking!!! sorry mom, still don't have my camera charged.
Well, that's the whole shabang. love you all!

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