Letter from Carsten - December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012
The week we baptized Isabel Chavez and confirmed Olivia Bustamante

So yesterday our investigator Isabel Chavez got baptized! We first met her about a month and a half ago but she was super prepared for the gospel. shes had some of the craziest challenges iv ever seen but she overcame everything that Satan threw at her and got baptized anyway. she cant work cause she has a young daughter and lives alone, her 8 y old son has some bad behavior disorders, and she just moved to palmdale so she has no friends and her family don't like her and reject her. The day of her baptism she was told she has a few weeks to be out of her house, she got kicked out for not paying rent and got the electricity turned off too. So can you say trials? We can, goodness. But for the good part, she got baptized! and now has a lot of strong friendships in the ward, 2 one of which had her over at their house many times so we could teach her and gave her food, and another family that took her to church, then took her home for lunch, then took her to her baptism, then invited her to their dinner with us, and then offered her to live with them temporarily in their extra room. for real!!!!! instant blessings upon doing what god asks, and now she has a place to live, lots of good friends, friends in the ward for both the kids, and next week the gift of the holy ghost! so there have been a lot of miracles with that. pretty cool huh?
(Holiday cooking)

Olivia got confirmed yesterday too, which was awesome too. and next week, if all goes according to plan, we got ANOTHER baptism with Katie Bustamante! so things are freaking awesome here! Decembers the best month for missionaries.

love you all and have a good week :)

talk to some of you like...next week!

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