Letter from Carsten - December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012
The week we baptized Katie Bustamante and Christmas!

What the what its Christmas tomorrow? and in Latino culture today?! i swear a couple days ago it was just Halloween, things have flown by for sure. Were stoked to open all our presents in the morning and then go to Norman Ovando (awesome member)s house and skype/call home! so excited :) Have questions prepared to ask me or something, cause as soon as i call ill probably forget whats happened in the last year and have nothing intelligent to say over the phone. haha you know me :D

So yesterday we had our 3rd baptism in a row of Katie Bustamante, the daughter of Rosa who got baptized recently. Katie went through a lot of trials and finally took the plunge! ha ha. and on top of that Isabel was confirmed as well, which was also awesome. so we were pretty stoked. The only problem with her is that now today or tomorrow the electricity will be shut off, the gas was already shut off (they are freezing in that house) and then at the end of the month they are homeless anyways aha, so that's not good. but shes doing everything gods asked her, so some miracles bound to appear real soon. just keep praying for her with us!

Other than than not much happened this week, Elder Reed was suuuuper sick and so i left the apartment 2 times to work, and both we had to do exchanges. but another thing i forgot to mention is Tuesday we got to go to the temple in Santa Monica! it was amazing :D i learned even MORE this time, and it was a really good spiritual recharge. but then that night we went Christmas caroling, and that's when reed got mega sick lol. were hoping I'm not next!
Anyways, i love you all very much :)

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